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Services for other Photographers

Professional, private photography is a blend of art, science, relationships, and connection. It isn’t enough to just be a “good shooter”. Most of the professionals I’ve spoken with have built a very successful business just responding to, and servicing their clients as they progress through the many milestones of their lives.

Those engagement sessions turn into a wedding shoot. The wedding shoot turns into a maternity shoot. Maternity pictures turn into newborn shots. The newborn sessions turn into yearly family pictures, event pictures, and things grow and “develop” and the cycle starts over!

I enjoy this process, and continue to grow and build my own business. However one thing has become very clear both in my own experience directly, and the feedback from my clients.

My passion, and perhaps my strongest skill set is focusing on Maternity and Newborn photography.

Many photographers accommodate this type of business, yet behind the scenes they often will share with me they didn’t feel “in the zone” like they normally do in another type of shoot.

  • Some are event specialists, and can capture a wedding or large party and thrive in that environment.
  • Some are portrait based, and can produce stunning studio based portraits but don’t really know how (or want to) deal with a fussy baby.
  • Sometimes they simply don’t feel as able to work with a new mom, or one who is 8 months pregnant!
  • Some photographers are intimidated because of how specialized and unique the process and resources (think lighting, props, poses, and nursing moms) are compared to other types of photography.

There are many local photographers who want to offer maternity and newborn photography in response to their clients, or they see the huge business opportunity to offer these services.

There is a great business opportunity, but it can seem too hard, or too specialized. It’s not. 

I’d like to help you.

Following are some typical solutions I can provide you:

  • Contracted Photography Services: I can work as a staff photographer for your organization, and represent your name and brand to your clients in a professional manner. I understand how important it is not just to get a “good shot” but to protect your market identity, and your relationships.
  • Photographer Assistant: I can help with the mechanics of calming babies, helping new mothers prep their babies, and arrange your environment to be the best, most relaxing atmosphere for your clients, as well as help with second shooting, manage lighting and other functions. I can help provide support for you during a shoot and make you look even better!
  • Consulting: I can help you if you are looking to get going on Maternity or Newborn shots but do not know how to build your resources and skills. Let me help you build a great closet of props, learn how to keep them clean, orderly and ready for use. I can help you learn how to communicate and support your clients at what is a very exciting, yet stressful (and sleep deprived!) time. I can help you build out this highly profitable leg of your business quickly. 
  • Social Media: A key to more referrals and overall exposure is to be very effective at Social Media. I spent over a year analyzing highly successful, and savvy photographers and their patterns on Social Media. There is key timing, technique, and execution steps you might be missing. You might not know about these concepts, or you might be so busy with editing, scheduling, and shooting you simply cant get to this important element in your business. I can help you navigate this and succeed. It takes time, but it is worth it.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Are you having a hard time even showing up on Google? Not getting the exposure and clicks you need? Did you find that you are falling farther and farther off of Page 1? These are all signs you have problems with your website, and the integrated elements of the Web. If your website isn’t performing well, indexed correctly, or is not being maintained, you could lose your position you spent years developing. If you have a new business, it can take years just to get ranked against all the other established sites on the web. Our new site is less than 6 months old, and I rank on Page 1 of Google for my key terms, and the results are improving all the time. My husband has been providing consulting services for small businesses since 1997 through his company Master Solutions, and can help audit and support your site and get you back on track. Read more about SEO concepts at the website.

I am available and interested in talking with you about your needs and your opportunities. Please feel free to contact me and discuss your ideas or questions.

danie henry