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danie henry

Newborn Photography

Of all my photo session, newborn photography sessions are my very favorite. They are the sessions that make me so thankful to be a photographer. When pregnant mommas call me to block out some time for their teeny baby I can feel an internal smile, all the way down to my toes!

My desire is to be the best newborn photographer I can be. A large part of my job isn’t just taking great baby pics, it is to help prep YOU, especially at such a vulnerable, exciting (and sleepless!) time. Here are some questions and answers I bet you have about your upcoming newborn photo session:

When should I schedule my newborn photo session?

The best time to schedule newborn photos is while you are pregnant! I will block out a tentative time for your baby pictures.That way we are sure to reserve your space but I try to work in as much flexibility as possible, we all know they are babies, and babies do what they want!

Once your baby is in your arms, contact me to get your actual appointment on the books. If you already have a baby in arms and haven’t pre-booked your session, please contact me right away to make sure we can get you and baby in ASAP!

How old should my baby be when he or she is photographed?

My favorite time to for newborn photography is when they are 7 – 10 days old. This is the magic window of time when they will still fold up into the tiny darling poses that we all love so much. We will photograph them as early as 5 days and up to 4 weeks. Not all newborn poses are possible once baby is past 3-4 weeks old. After that time, I will suggest a different type of photography for older cuddle muffins.

Where will my photography session happen?

We will photograph you baby either at your home or mine. This is something for you to consider. We will want to work where YOU will be most comfortable.

Would you prefer to be in your own home? Will you be relaxed because you didn’t have to get everyone packed up and out the door? This is often the case. I can make almost any lighting and space work for your photos. I use almost all natural lighting (as newborn babies don’t always love flash photography), so we will plan your session around the best lighting in your home.

Would you be most comfortable leaving the chaos that a new baby can bring to your home behind? You are welcome to have your photo session in my home. You can leave the worries of a sink full of dishes back at your house and come see the dishes in mine (hehe).

How long will the session last?

Newborn photography sessions last 2-3 hours. Sometimes we finish a bit early, but I like to plan for enough time to make sure we get your baby calm, sleeping, and snug as a bug.

What if my baby cries during the entire session?

I am very good at calming babies. I have been snuggling and calming little ones since I was a little girl myself. I have yet to come across a baby that wouldn’t cooperate. A fussy baby doesn’t bother me in the slightest. We will work through those fussy moments and then get back to work. Your baby will be celebrated and enjoyed every  moment of his or her photo shoot – tears, poopy diapers and all!

What should I bring to a newborn photo session?

Bring me a tired/hungry baby. I ask that you try to keep your baby awake for an hour prior to the photo shoot and that you also plan to feed your baby right as you arrive to my home, or just as I’m arriving to yours. That will ensure a happy sleeping baby while we work. If you have any handmade items that are special to you or your family you are welcome to include them. These might be blankets, quilts, hats, outfits, or headbands.

Do I (mom) have to be in the photographs?

This can feel a little tricky. You might not be looking and feeling like your normal self. You might feel like you don’t want to have your photograph taken right now. That’s completely normal. I usually ask moms to pose for at least one or two photographs with their new baby. When your child is older you will both be SO GLAD that you have captured your first moments together. I am skilled at posing and some strategic editing (if you’d like), to make sure you are looking your best with very little effort. Talk to me about any concerns you have and I bet we can work around them.

Have more questions? Give me a call or send me an email! I’m happy to discuss any of the questions or concerns that you have.

danie henry