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What to Wear to Your Maternity Photo Session

Thanks for taking the time to read this post about what to wear to your maternity photo session. This post is going to have all of info you need to feel confident in choosing the clothing you’ll wear to your shoot!

You are making a brand new human! I’m so impressed! Look at how craft you are!! You are handling your day to day like a boss, all the while making tiny organs and teeny perfect toes for your baby! Go ahead and get yourself a decaf iced coffee because –  you deserve it!! I am so proud of you.

red dresses for maternity photoshoot

You probably have a ton of important decisions to make. Where will you have your baby? What name should you give this new person? What color nursery do you want? Should you buy that beautiful blanket that cost $400 (come on… it’s so pretty)? Just go ahead a put those questions aside for a moment. Let’s talk about a fun question that needs to be answered. What will you wear to your maternity photo shoot? 

What to wear for your maternity photoshoot

Maybe you’re feeling some pressure when you think about what you’re going to wear in your maternity photos. When I’m on the other side of the camera I definitely spend  a lot of time thinking through the clothing options. BUT, I’ve been hiding behind the camera for almost 10 years now. I have some wisdom to share with you on what I think your clothing choices should be. I’m also going to share some easy shopping options for you.

kimono over shirt for maternity photos

Show off that bump!! The main point of this shoot is to demonstrate your insane skills of growing a person from scratch. You’ve worked hard to grow that belly. Let’s see it! Choose something that features your shape.

Desert maternity photoshoot - what to wear

Choose something that you feel good in! Maybe it’s something you’ve been eyeing for a while and now you’ve got a good reason to buy it. Hey, it could always be worn to your baby shower as well. Maybe it’s something you’ve had for a while and you just absolutely love it. Try a few things on. Take a few selfies and see what you like. You can always send those cell phone pics to me if you want help deciding.

wildflower oceanside maternity photos

Choose something that is comfortable. For most sessions, I recommend comfortable shoes. Your shoes should be cute, but we are almost certainly going to do some walking, possibly hills, often sand… Heels are optional or could be put in at the last moment. If we are on the sand we’ll probably take your shoes off anyway. Your clothing should feel good. If something is too tight or pokes you in the wrong places it’s going to be hard to relax and smile. Select clothing that puts you in a good mood!

How to choose your dress for your photoshoot

Bring options – session length permitting. Most locations will require a car or towel change, but if you feel comfortable with that I think you should bring along a change of clothing. It could be as simple as adding a over up, kimono, or cardigan to your dress or removing a cute scarf. I like to have one dressy option and one casual option. Jeans and a t-shirt are always a cute option for featuring your baby bump. I really like floral wrap dresses or a simple romper. And a hat is always a handy accessory.

what to wear to your maternity photoshoot

Choose maternity style clothing. Maybe you have a non-maternity item that you’d like to wear or that feels so comfy. If you choose this option I’d suggestion you bring along some maternity clothing as well. Some non-maternity items don’t photograph as well as you might hope.

If you are planning what your partner will wear for their photos, here are a few tips for them as well. They should wear something that coordinates with you. Nice slacks or jeans and a top or two so that they can change when you do. Adding or removing a jacket can make a big difference for the vibe in your photos. I recommend that the supporting partner wear something that compliments but doesn’t overshadow. A plain T with a nice flannel, a nice jacket with slacks, etc. You get the idea.

everything you need to know for choosing your outfit for your maternity photoshoot

Last of all, here are some easy online shopping options for you:

  • Pink Blush Maternity – I think this should be the first place you look. They have more options than you’ll need. Fancy, casual, sass, drama, jeans, they’ve got it all. They have a whole section called “photoshoot dresses”. These are a one pregnancy kind of clothing. The quality isn’t great the best. The price and selection probably makes it worth it.
  • ASOS  – So many cute options. I love their florals, I love their prints, I love their dresses, I love their Ts.
  • GAP Maternity – Truth – If it wasn’t for this lady, everything I own would be from GAP. I’m a plain Jane, don’t tell. Side note- I’d like to slap the photographer who took these with all the weird closed or partially closed eyes on the models.
  • Amazon Maternity – just search “Maternity Photo Dresses”. There are hundreds of options. I can’t believe how many of my clients have found beautiful dresses on Amazon!

Still have questions? Contact me. I’m happy to help! 

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Now, back to your awesome business of being a life creating queen.

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