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5 Way To Make Your Milestone Session Extra Special

mom and toddler play in wildflowers in Palos Verdes

Wondering how you can make the most of your baby’s milestone session? I have a few tips for you. My secret sauce that I think will make your photo session easy and fuss free.

cake smash photo session on the beach with cute toddler

I have photographed dozens and dozens of milestone sessions and here is what I think you can do to have the most successful session.

Plan your session around your baby’s happiest time of day. Does your baby give you the best smiles in the morning? Is he or she most content right after their nap? Let me know and we will plan accordingly. 

toddler tries standing on the beach for the first time.

Make sure your baby has a full tummy at our session time. If they are eating solid food please give them some of their favorite foods and snacks right before the shoot. You can bring along some mess free snacks and a drink as well. If your baby is still on milk or formula you can top them off right before your shoot time.

mom and toddler play in Palos Verdes wildflowers during photo shoot

Bring a change of clothing. You never know what might happen at these sessions. Have a cute back-up outfit you can put on your baby, just in case. No clothing is always an option too. Some of the cutest photos happen right after a cake smash when a baby is just in their Birthday suit. 

Naked baby on the beach for milestone photos
parents walk with naked toddler on the beach

Plan to be in a few of the photos. If you can, plan a session that includes time for some mommy and me and/or family photos. These are the pictures your baby will want to see in 20 years. The ones where you are holding their hand, kissing their little heads and enjoying each other.

parents snuggle their baby during beach photo shoot

Bring along a favorite item and a blanket to lay on. Does your baby have a favorite stuffed animal? A special blanket? Maybe a really silly pacifier that they just love? These items help us capture the true personality and funny characteristics of your baby at this special stage in their life.

Plan for fun and be okay with surprising results. We are going to get amazing photos of your baby, but there are smiles that your baby will give only to you. 99 babies will be happy in front of the camera, but 1 baby might not like the look of a big black lens pointed at their face. If this is the case for your baby, we will improvise during our session and still get the sweetest photos of you and your baby. Photos of each and every expression your baby makes will be treasured for many years to come. 

mom and baby play on the beach during milestone photo session

Want to read more about what goes into my milestone sessions? Read all about them right here.

cute toddler girl milestone photo

Are you ready to start planning your shoot? Contact me right away so we can get your session on my calendar. I can’t wait to meet you and your baby!

Happy toddler photography in the grassy fields of Ernie Howlett Park

If you’re counting maybe you saw that there were six tips. I couldn’t leave even one of these tips out of my list!! Hope you don’t mind. xoxo



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