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Family Photography Palos Verdes – Baruch is 5!

My little Baruch is now five! I think I need a recount. Did we accidentally skip a year somewhere in there? Five sounds too big for my heart. I think he should be four for at least one more year. Doesn’t that sound fair? I asked him today if he thought that five would be...

Meet the Hurst Family – Family Photography Lomita

Meet the Hurst Family! Meet my dear friends, the Hurst family. Renee and Jeff are just wonderful.  When Sean and I got married, they gave us a beautiful red dutch oven. We made more meals in that dutch oven than in any all of our other pots and pans combined (well, maybe not including the egg...

Family Photography – The Anderson Family

Family photography sessions are so special. I cherish the time I get to spend with each family. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to document their story and the chance to tell how unique each family is. After the photo shoot I  go through every image. I feel honored to get to see so many...

Family Photography – The Tawneys

This really isn’t fair… Taking family pictures with the Tawneys is basically cheating for a family photographer! Not only are the Tawneys are dear friends, they have some of the most photogenic children I know (with personalities to match!) Im looking forward to taking pictures of this crew as they grow and change. You can see...


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