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South Bay Los Angeles Newborn Photography

Are in the Los Angeles and South Bay area and expecting a new baby? Did you recently have your baby and you’re hoping to schedule a newborn photo session? This is the blog post for you!

south bay newborn photos

The most marvelous baby boom is happening in Los Angeles and the South Bay. The flood of babies has been amazing and it is always my honor to get to photograph them. There have been some really special gifts from the pandemic this year and last. All the fresh babies are top of the list for me. I’m seeing so many families grow. This is the perfect time to welcome your new little one into your home. 

mother and newborn baby photo south bay
Newborn Photography in the South Bay

I want to give you a little sneak peek into the newborn sessions we’ve been having. They are the sweetest babies in the whole South Bay. I know you’re gonna love them as much as I do. They make me so incredibly happy.  Keep scrolling for cute newborn photos and some of my bossy advice about you and your new baby.

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In home newborn photography with pets

Can I just take a minute to tell you something?

You are a freaking boss! You are a miracle maker! Look at your belly/new baby. You did that! You worked hard and grew eyes! Real eyeballs that will work for a whole 80+ years! You are so craft and I’m impressed. Good work, girl! I am cheering you on! If you need a little pep talk about how awesome you are just give me a call. I’ll tell it to you straigh.

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In home newborn photography south bay redondo beach

I want to give you a little piece of advice. I try not to be bossy. I try hard to “stay in my lane”, but this message keeps coming to mind and I want to share it with you. After all, we’re friends now. 

mom and dad admire their newborn baby in professional photo south bay

In your last weeks of pregnancy and your first months (let’s say 3) with your baby, there is no rush. You don’t have to rush back to your normal life, your normal pace, your normal pants. You don’t have to let anyone come see your baby. You can tell your mother-in-law and even your best friend that they have to wait just a little longer. Your baby is so tiny and has so much to figure out. Breathing is something new for that baby. Eating and pooping are something they haven’t had to do before. Your body has done all of the work for their little bodies and now that baby needs you to be the guide for them. Invite the people in who you trust. Invite in the ones who have gone before and have made it to the other side in a way that you find pleasing. You know just who I’m talking about. This is your chance to have your elbows out, say what you need to say and make sure that you and your baby’s needs are being met. If your family and friends see you up and about they will expect you to be up and about. Plan on needing rest. Plan on needing extra sleep. Plan on needing extra food. 

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newborn photos palos verdes california

So there it is… my bossy two cents. I have more to say on resources for your postpartum experience over here at this blog post. I think you will find it to be full of helpful resources. I hope despite my advice that you will still contact me to photograph your baby. I’ll spend just 2 – 2.5 hours of time with you. You can sleep through half of it if you want.

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newborn photography with dogs south bay

Maybe you’re wondering when the best time to schedule your newborn session is. It’s right now. If you are out of your first trimester of pregnancy then go ahead and contact me to get the ball rolling. If your baby is already in your arms and you’re wondering if I still have space, go ahead and reach out right now! My calendar fills up, but I sometimes have spaces and gaps to fill. I want to be the one to photograph your baby. Contact me and let’s start planning your session.

simple clean newborn photo south bay

You can read about my newborn photography on this page.

south bay newborn photography
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South Bay Newborn Photography
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baby boom of 2020 and 2021 newborn photography south bay los angeles
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