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About Me

I love storytelling, which is why I love photography. I love all of the stages of life, from newborn baby to the gracefully ageing. I have five children of my own, so I know firsthand how quickly time passes by.

I capture connections and emotions. The connection between mother and baby, the love between husband and wife, the laughter between siblings, and my favorite, the pure joy a newborn brings to a family.

As I work with new families, I can see the profound experience; the excitement, the joy, and the gravity. As a mother, I remember feeling like I’d be pregnant forever! Now I look at pictures and I’m transported back to something that seems so far away.

It’s the same with each of my children as they change and grow. The frazzled moments threaten to overtake the simple joy of watching a little one sleep, the toddler standing up so proud of themselves, those preteen stages where you see hints of the adult to come…

I’m married to a crazy red head who  makes me laugh. We have five children who are all also crazy and funny too. They get the crazy part from dad. You can get a peek into my personal life over on Instagram. My kids are REALLY cute. You should probably see for yourself.

I work supporting other photographers, and try to connect with the best information and resources possible to give you the best experience I can.

Life is filled with precious, fleeting moments. Take the time to have them documented. You’ll be so glad that you did.

Contact me to find out what I can do to help you document you and your family.

Danie Henry Photography is located in Redondo Beach, CA and is happy to provide photography services to most of Southern California.