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Meet the Solomon’s – Family Photographer Palos Verdes

Meet the Solomons. They are my very favorite family, well, next to my own. That’s because they are my people!!! Angela is my sister and very best friend. She brought her #SolomonSeven here to Southern California for a family photo shoot! Just kidding, she came to see me!!! We did plan a very fun shoot while...

Meet the Esponda Family – Family Photography Torrance

I’m so happy to introduce you to my dear friends, the Espondas! Jodie has been a close friend of mine for the past few years, so I was so honored that she asked me to capture their family. As you’ll see, this is one fun bunch! We took their family photos on some of my...

Family Photography Westchester

I’m so happy to introduce you to this precious family!  They are a very sweet and loving family. As you’ll soon see, this little guys is one of the happiest toddlers I’ve encountered. His joy is no surprise, with all of the love and affection he is showered with. We took this family’s pictures near their home in West...

Meet the Wolkenfelds – Family Photography South Bay

You are in for a special treat today! You get to meet some of my very favorite people on the planet, the Wolkenfelds! Christina is one of my oldest and dearest friends. Daniel, Chrissy, and their little Winona make my heart so happy. I had the privilege of photographing them in one of my favorite...


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danie henry