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Family Photography – Tipple Family

Family Pictures South Bay (10)

Meet my lovely friends, the Tipple Family! Mallory and I met at church and were instant friends. We share so many interests – from food, to opinions on education, to parenting styles.

Mallory is one of the most patient people that I’ve ever met. She gently leads her children. She sees them to the core, who they really are and who they will be. Having little ones of my own, I know the challenge it is to stay present with your children and not become overwhelmed with stressful situations, behaviors and the mundane of the day to day chores. Mallory rises above it all! She loves and parents so well. I’m so inspired by her. The Tipple’s recently moved away. My family and I miss them, but thanks to social media we are able to stay connected. Hurray for Facebook!

Terranea, the Family Photography Resort

We spent an afternoon at Terranea. It’s one of my favorite places. Wonderful restaurants, perfect landscaping, some of my favorite tidepools, lovely places to sit every time you turn around, the most amazing views and… for Mother’s Day last year my family sent me to their spa for a day. It was dreamy.

They allow public access to a large amount of their property, and it has just about everything you would want in a SoCal location. Great light, open views, beach, cliffs, beautiful landscape… you get the idea.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I enjoy this setting and so much more than Terranea, I enjoy this family.

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Location for this family photo shoot:  Terranea